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Indian Railways Inaugurates Rail Coach Restaurant at Pune Station

In a culinary feat, Indian Railways has rolled out its latest gastronomic venture – the Rail Coach Restaurant at Pune station. A hit among both rail passengers and locals, this marks the second such coach restaurant for the Central Railway’s Pune Division, following the successful establishment at Chinchwad station.

Chic Location:
Spanning an expansive 100 square meters, the rail coach restaurant finds its spot on the side of Tadiwala Road, creating a culinary oasis near the Divisional Railway Manager’s office in Pune.

Operational Dynamism:
OAM Industries India Pvt. Ltd. (Haldirams) takes the reins of maintenance and operation for this gastronomic delight, ensuring a seamless culinary experience.

Financial Flavor:
The Rail Coach Restaurant at Pune station is not just about flavors; it’s a lucrative venture. With an anticipated annual revenue of Rs 60 lakh, it’s a testament to the success of combining railway travel with culinary excellence.

Around-the-Clock Temptation:
Beyond its gastronomic appeal, this coach restaurant is designed to be a round-the-clock haven, beckoning local residents and college students with a diverse menu to cater to every palate.

Diverse Delicacies:
The menu is a symphony of flavors, featuring delectable offerings such as Raj Kachori, Chola Bhatura, Pau Bhaji, Veg Thali, combo meals, South Indian and North Indian delicacies, Pack Sweets, Namkeens, Chaats, Beverages, Softy, and traditional Indian Sweets.

Culinary Oasis Features:

  • The air-conditioned ambiance invites patrons to a sophisticated dining experience.
  • A layout of 10 tables, accommodating 40 guests, ensures a comfortable and enjoyable mealtime.
  • Thoughtful interior design adds to the healthy and delightful dining atmosphere.
  • Patrons can conveniently order their favorite dishes through various online food delivery apps.
  • For those on the go, takeaway counters allow quick collection of orders, ensuring passengers don’t miss their train while savoring their favorite meals.

This Rail Coach Restaurant at Pune station is not just a dining destination; it’s a fusion of travel and taste, enhancing the overall experience for railway passengers and offering a contemporary dining option for locals and visitors alike.

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