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Indian Railways to complete Ahiran-Sujnipara doubling project by November

Indian Railways is dedicated to enhancing its nationwide connectivity through a series of ambitious projects, which encompass the expansion of railway networks, track doubling, electrification, station redevelopment, road overbridge construction, and the introduction of new train services. Among these endeavors, the Ahiran-Sujnipara doubling project in West Bengal stands out.

Part of the Manigram-Nimtita doubling initiative within the purview of the Eastern Railway (ER), the Ahiran-Sujnipara rail doubling project has made substantial progress. The Manigram-Nimtita Doubling Project, which has achieved a physical completion rate of 91% and a financial completion rate of 89%, includes a pivotal 6.63-kilometer-long bridge, designated as Bridge 340, which is nearing its final stages of construction. The project is on a promising trajectory and is slated for completion in the coming month.

In the broader context of the Manigram-Nimtita Doubling Project, significant milestones have been reached, such as the 100% completion of fabrication and erection for a 145-meter span, with concurrent progress in approach construction, earthwork, and track linkage. These activities are expected to be finalized by November 2023.

Other crucial tasks within the Manigram-Nimtita Doubling Project include the meticulous tightening and torquing of approximately 68,000 HSF01 bolts, the elevation of the 145-meter girder for various maintenance tasks, the erection of walkways, trolley refuges, and railway-related endeavors. Moreover, essential river training work will commence once the monsoon season has receded.

The Manigram-Nimtita Doubling Project holds immense significance as it aims to not only bolster rail connectivity and capacity but also to stimulate economic growth in the region. By improving the linkage between the southern and northern parts of the state, this project serves as a catalyst for socio-economic development, ultimately fostering progress and prosperity.

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