Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Indian Railways to Introduce Swift Non-AC Amrit Bharat Trains

Indian Railways is set to roll out high-speed non-airconditioned (non-AC) services known as Amrit Bharat trains, announced Union Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw on Monday. Following an inspection of one such train utilizing ‘Push-Pull’ technology, he highlighted the innovation, emphasizing its increased speed compared to existing trains in the Indian Railways network.

Vaishnaw explained that the new trains, owing to their speedier acceleration, will offer time savings of around two hours, particularly on longer routes like Delhi to Kolkata. The initial two trains in this series will be non-air-conditioned.

The ‘Push-Pull’ technology involves the installation of two engines-one at the front and one at the rear-working in tandem for each train set. This configuration aims to enhance speed, comfort, and minimize jerks during travel.

Official statements indicate that these non-AC trains will consist of 22 coaches, including 12 Second Class 3-Tier Sleeper Class, eight General Second Class coaches, and two Guard Compartments. The maximum permissible speed for these trains is set at 130 kilometers per hour (kmph).

Vaishnaw mentioned that Prime Minister Modi is likely to flag off the inaugural train from Ayodhya. The train will undergo a general run for up to five months to identify any operational shortcomings or technical challenges before expanding its services to all states in the country.

The Railways Minister also disclosed plans to manufacture approximately 20 to 30 Amrit Bharat trains every month, each equipped with pre-installed anti-collision avoidance Kavach technology.

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