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India’s First Prototype Bridge using Indigenous 3D Printing Technology

Simpliforge Creations and IIT Hyderabad develop India’s First Prototype Bridge using Indigenous 3D Printing Technology

A prototype 3D printed bridge has been developed and printed as a collaboration between IIT Hyderabad and Simpliforge Creations. The concept and design were developed and evaluated by Prof. K.V.L. Subramaniam and his research group, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Hyderabad. The bridge was printed by Simpliforge, a startup company specializing in providing 3D concrete printing solutions. Designed as a pedestrian bridge, the prototype bridge is undergoing load testing and evaluation for functional use. The bridge has been designed at IIT Hyderabad broadly following form optimization to minimize the use of concrete and reinforcement. The concept of the bridge was developed following the concept of ‘Material follows Force’. Simpliforge Creations developed an extrusion and software system specifically for the project to fully exhibit the merits of their 3D printing system. Using the Industrial robotic arm 3d printer, the bridge was printed off-site in little under 2 hours at Simpliforge Printing facility and assembled on site at Charvitha Meadows, Siddipet.

over Bridge

Enlisting the uniqueness of the 3D Printing technology, Prof K.V.L. Subramaniam, IITH, said,“3D concrete printing is an emerging technology has the potential for transforming the construction industry with the promise of rapid, efficient, and free-form construction. Technology application in this space requires advancements in design methodologies, material processing, and delivery systems.

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We are proud to have been a part of this ground-breaking project” said Mr. Hari Krishna Jeedipalli, Managing Director, Simpliforge Creations. “This bridge is a testament to the capabilities of 3D construction printing technology and its potential applications in infrastructural requirements, defense, and disaster scenarios owing to its speed and ease. We hope that this project will inspire others to explore the possibilities of 3D concrete printing in infrastructure and other industries.”



Simpliforge is a holistic additive manufacturing solutions company with capabilities for Technology Development, System Integration and Service Solutions. Simpliforge provides complete prototyping and manufacturing solutions for products spanning the FMCG sector to niche domains. For Construction Industry, Simpliforge provides Technology & Materials Development, Equipment manufacturing & Integration and End-to-end construction solutions. Powered by manufacturing domain experts, localized production facilities and international design experts, Simpliforge delivers services in the aforementioned domains. 

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