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KCP Infra Limited Unveils Coimbatore Periyanaickenpalayam Flyover, a Rs. 100 Crore Marvel Set to Transform Regional Connectivity

KCP Infra Limited, a prominent player in the infrastructure sector, proudly announces the completion of the Coimbatore Periyanaickenpalayam flyover on the Nagapattinam Gudalur Mysore Main Road. The strategically designed flyover spans 1.8 km and is set to alleviate congestion at the busy junction. This remarkable infrastructure project was completed at an approximate cost of Rs. 100 crores.

KCP Infra Limited celebrates the successful completion of the 1.8 km Coimbatore Periyanaickenpalayam flyover on the Nagapattinam Gudalur Mysore Main Road

The flyover, located at the junction of the Nagapattinam Gudalur Mysore main road, boasts unique structures engineered to withstand earthquake vibrations, ensuring the safety and longevity of the construction. This flyover is set to open for public use on December 11.

Purposeful Construction to Ease Traffic Congestion

Mettupalayam Road, a crucial route connecting Tamil Nadu to various parts of nearby states Karnataka and Kerala witnesses heavy traffic, with approximately one lakh vehicles passing through daily. The flyover construction aimed to address this traffic challenge, providing a smoother and more efficient commute for commuters.

KCP Chandra Prakash, Managing Director of KCP Infra Limited, expressed satisfaction with the completion of the flyover, emphasizing its significance in reducing traffic congestion and contributing to the overall infrastructural development of the region. As KCP Infra celebrates its 25th anniversary, Mr. Chandra Prakash reaffirms the companys commitment to playing a pivotal role in fundamental infrastructure projects for the people.

A Remarkable Infrastructure Marvel

The completed project, officially titled “Construction of Flyover at Km 362/790 – 364/555 of (Nagapattinam – Gudalur-Mysore Road) Periyanaickenpalyam Junction- Coimbatore Outskirt in the state of Tamilnadu on EPC,” stands as a testament to KCP Infras dedication to excellence in infrastructure development. The flyovers completion, despite challenges and hurdles, showcases the companys commitment to delivering solutions for evolving needs in infrastructure sector.

The flyover, designed to accommodate the future demand of approximately 100,000 vehicles daily, is a magnificent addition to the regions transportation infrastructure. KCP Infra expresses gratitude to the National Highways Department and other associated departments for their collaboration in turning this vision into reality.

Acknowledging Community Support

KCP Infra Limited extends heartfelt gratitude to the users, department officials, and local MLA PRG Arun Kumar for their patience and cooperation during the projects execution. Their support and understanding were instrumental in overcoming challenges and ensuring the timely completion of this transformative infrastructure project.

Mr. KCP Chandra Prakashs Vision for the Future

Mr. KCP Chandra Prakash, Managing Director of KCP Infra Ltd, sees infrastructure as the backbone of the nations progress. The Periyanaickenpalayam flyover project exemplifies this vision and represents another monumental achievement for KCP Infra Ltd, since its inception in 1998. With over 25 years of legacy, KCP Infra is committed to delivering quality, efficiency, and foresight in constructing roadways, bridges, and transportation hubs, contributing to Indias evolving needs for decades to come.

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