Sunday, July 14, 2024

MahaRERA Introduces Model Guidelines for Regulation of Senior Living Projects

The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) has unveiled model guidelines aimed at regulating housing projects catering to retired and senior citizens. In a pioneering move, this marks the first instance where a real estate regulatory authority in India has established provisions specifically for retirement housing projects.

Under these guidelines, developers are mandated to incorporate specific provisions in the Agreement for Sale and other relevant documents. Going forward, senior citizen housing projects must adhere to the model guidelines set forth by MahaRERA.

The impetus behind drafting these guidelines stems from concerns raised about developers inaccurately promoting their projects as “Retirement Homes,” leading to potential misinformation for prospective allottees. It has come to MahaRERA’s attention that certain projects in this category fail to meet the minimum standards and specifications required for senior citizen residences.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) had previously issued Model Guidelines on this subject, suggesting that state regulators take appropriate measures to implement regulations. In response, MahaRERA has formulated draft regulations for retirement homes.

Ajoy Mehta, Chairman of MahaRERA, emphasized the growing necessity of senior housing projects in today’s evolving society. Mehta highlighted the mismatch between the rising demand for such projects and the insufficient consideration of basic needs for this segment. To prevent potential fraud and disappointment among retirees and senior citizens, MahaRERA has issued these draft model guidelines for emerging housing projects in this category.

The guidelines outline minimum physical criteria that every project must meet, covering aspects such as building design, green building principles, lifts and ramps, staircase dimensions, corridors, lighting, ventilation, safety, and security. Key provisions include the requirement for elevators in multi-story buildings, audio-visual systems in all lifts, wheelchair-friendly access, mandatory ramps, specified stair dimensions, and backup arrangements for electricity. MahaRERA has invited feedback and suggestions on these guidelines, with the consultation period extending until the end of the month.

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