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NMRC Board Approves Revised DPR for Noida Metro Aqua Line’s Extension to Knowledge Park V

On Monday, the Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) board gave the green light to the revised Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the expansion of the 29.7 km Noida Metro Aqua Line to Knowledge Park V in Greater Noida West, as reported by the Indian Express.

Prepared by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), the revised DPR outlines a 17.43 km extension of the Aqua Line from Sector 51 Station to Knowledge Park V, incorporating 11 new stations. The plan includes the construction of an interchange facility at Sector 61 Station, facilitating connectivity with the Delhi Metro’s Blue Line.

The proposed stations along the extension route include Noida Sector 61, Noida Sector 70, Noida Sector 122, Noida Sector 123, Greater Noida Sector 4, EcoTech 12, Greater Noida Sector 2, Greater Noida Sector 3, Greater Noida Sector 10, Greater Noida Sector 12, and Greater Noida Knowledge Park V.

While specific details were not disclosed, it is anticipated that the implementation of this plan may involve the partial demolition or abandonment of the Aqua Line’s viaduct north of Sector 51 Station. This viaduct, equipped with a buffer-stop, was initially constructed by CEC – SAM India JV to accommodate train reversal and align the line for its future extension.

To execute this rerouting, the Aqua Line will need to intersect with the Blue Line twice—first at the Vishwakarma Marg – Vikas Marg intersection and then just south of Sector 61 Station.

The revised DPR has been forwarded to the Noida Authority for feedback and approval. Following their input and approval, the DPR will proceed to the Uttar Pradesh government for consideration by the cabinet.

Previous DPRs for the project had envisioned a 14.95 km eastern extension of the Aqua Line from Sector 51 to Knowledge Park V, including a foot overbridge (FOB) connecting Sector 51 (Aqua Line) and Sector 52 (Blue Line) stations. The new plan opts for a more integrated interchange facility in place of the FOB.

In December 2021, GR Infraprojects was declared the lowest bidder for the extension’s first civil package (from Noida’s Sector-51 to Greater Noida’s Sector-2) after four rounds of bidding. However, a contract was never awarded. With the project’s approval, NMRC will need to re-invite bids for the construction of the line, marking the fifth round of bidding.

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