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Micro-topping Cement Flooring – Advantages and Applications

A micro-topping is a cementitious polymer mixture applied in very low thicknesses starting from 1mm to 3mm coat used to repair old cracked concrete. It achieves a superb compressive strength and is ideally suitable for resurfacing and providing an ornamental, rustic top surface. It can be polished to provide a dense, satin-finish surface. With virtually unlimited design options and quick installation time, micro cement floors can turn any space into a vibrant and beautifully designed area. It is applied indoors also as walls to provide a uniform space with light, depth and harmony.

Advantages of micro-topping cement flooring

  • Provides elegant finish and an extremely solid surface that can give any space depth
  • Creates seamless surfaces for linear and enveloping environments
  • Superior resistance compared to a typical resinous flooring
  • Can be applied at reduced thicknesses, adheres firmly to the underlying surface
  • Can be customised to suit any style by choosing the preferred colour scheme
  • Used in indoors or outdoors and vertical surfaces
  • Provides sufficient adhesion and it adapts to the form of the support
  • Allows you to create surfaces without joints
  • Resistance to climatic stresses, wear-slipping and thermal conductivity
  • Can be applied to various materials including concrete, ceramic and wood.
  • Free of volatile organic compounds
  • Resistance to impact, abrasion and compression
  • Available in different patterns, textures, colors and designs
  • Cleaning and maintenance is easy

The application method of micro-topping cement flooring

  • Clean the surface and make it free of debris
  • Remove residues of chemicals from the surface
  • Double-check and if necessary use water blasting to remove particles that might prevent bonding
  • For surface preparation patch up the repair any holes, cracks and other irregular voids
  • Spray some water over the surface before product application
  • Mark any design or pattern you want to use on bare concrete
  • Apply the micro-topping cement coat[ if needed with self-leveling compound] onto a prepared floor section
  • The application must be done at the proper temperature for proper bonding
  • spread over the coverage area in a thin sheet with a spatula
  •  Wait until this coat is dry to the touch
  • Apply sealant on the surface, the selection depends on the types of protection needed for the floor and the desired finish
  • Once the surface dry completely
  • Allow approximately 24 hours for foot traffic and another 72 hours for heavy traffic

An important point to remember-In the first few days of application, isolation of Microtopping is important to make sure an ideal and sturdy finish, especially during the primary month. Microtopping must be allowed to cure for a minimum of 6 to 7 days, to permit the pores to shut before it can take any traffic or offer any resistance.

Applications areas of micro-topping cement flooring

  • All areas of residential surfaces including living rooms, bedrooms, patios, bathrooms and kitchens
  • Vertical as well as horizontal surfaces
  • Swimming pool decks, pergolas
  • Spas and jacuzzis
  • Retail stores, clinics and public spaces
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Salons, shops, showrooms and museums
  • Reception areas, hotel-lobbies
  • Office spaces, server rooms

Micro-topping cement flooring cost offers veracity but it requires expert supervision.

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