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Minister Nitin Gadkari Launches Rs 2,367 Crore National Highway Projects in Madhya Pradesh

On Tuesday, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for nine national highway projects in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur district, with a total investment of Rs 2,367 crore. These projects, spanning 225 km, aim to enhance connectivity and infrastructure in the region.

Among the inaugurated projects is a 1.5 km long bridge over the Jamni river on the Tikamgarh-Jhansi road, costing Rs 43 crore. Gadkari highlighted that this bridge will facilitate easier access to Orchha, a prominent tourist destination known for Rajaram’s temple.

Furthermore, the construction of a 2-lane paved shoulder road from Chandia Ghat to Katni Bypass is expected to significantly improve connectivity to the coal mines of Katni. Additionally, the widening of the Bamitha-Khajuraho road is anticipated to boost tourism in Khajuraho and enhance the overall social and economic conditions of the area.

The project portfolio also includes the upgradation of the road from Gulganj Bypass to Barna River, the 2-lane road upgradation from Barna River to Ken River, and the upgradation of Shahdol to Sagartola, Lalitpur-Sagar road with a 2-lane paved shoulder.

Minister Gadkari emphasized that the development encompasses the construction of 23 VUPs (Vehicular Underpasses), bridges, and service roads in the Lakhnadon section. Additionally, the construction of three foot overbridges at Suktra, Kurai, and Khawasa, along with improvement work at two black spots in Ghunai and Banjari valley, are part of the initiative.

He affirmed that these projects will enhance connectivity within the region, leading to savings in time and fuel. Furthermore, the economic, social, and tourism aspects of the area are expected to witness significant improvement. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav, state ministers, and local MPs and MLAs.

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