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Noida Authority Initiates Plan for New Expressway Along Yamuna to Relieve Noida-Greater Noida Expressway Congestion

The Noida Authority, in collaboration with RITES, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), and the irrigation department, has conducted an extensive study for a new expressway along the Yamuna River. The proposed 32km expressway aims to act as a bypass for the existing Noida Expressway, addressing the anticipated increase in traffic due to the growing corporate presence and the upcoming Noida International Airport, set to commence operations in October. The preliminary road design is expected to be finalized by January 15, according to a report by TOI.

The planned expressway along the Yamuna Pushta Road will stretch from Sector 94 near the Delhi border at Kalindi Kunj to Sector 150, in close proximity to Greater Noida, with a connectivity link to the Yamuna Expressway. The move is strategically designed to manage the expected surge in traffic to and from the new airport.

Despite the opening of an 11-km stretch of the Pushta Road to the public in June 2014, it remains underutilized due to its suboptimal condition. To assess the feasibility of the new route, a nine-member committee, led by additional CEO Sanjay Khatri and including officials from NHAI, the irrigation department, and RITES, was formed following a meeting in November. The committee conducted a survey on December 29, examining the cross-sectional and longitudinal details of the proposed expressway and other crucial factors governing its alignment.

Khatri emphasized the collaborative effort, stating, “We have asked NHAI to submit a report on the land requirements to determine the stretches that should be elevated. The irrigation department will prepare a report on the dimensions of the existing road and the availability of land, while RITES will chalk out the design and cost estimates.”

DGM (civil) Vijay Kumar Rawal, responsible for compiling the feasibility report, highlighted ongoing consultations with NHAI, UP Irrigation Department, and RITES, with further site inspections in the pipeline.

The new route is expected to enhance connectivity to various residential sectors along the river, including 128, 135, 150, 151, and 168, as well as Greater Noida. To ensure seamless connectivity, two rotaries are projected to be constructed at both ends of the proposed expressway, facilitating commuters entering Delhi and Faridabad along the Yamuna Pushta Road.

Noida CEO Lokesh M emphasized the ongoing collaboration with NHAI, stating, “We are actively engaging with NHAI, and the nature of road construction—whether elevated or involving expansion and repair of the existing road—will depend on available funding options.” NHAI is expected to fund and oversee the project, with a comprehensive report to be presented to the NHAI chairman by mid-January.

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