Thursday, July 25, 2024

Railways Ensures ‘Jerk-Free’ Travel in New Amrit Bharat Express Trains

The inaugural Amrit Bharat Express trains, set to be flagged off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 30 from Ayodhya, are designed to provide passengers with a seamless travel experience, railway officials have announced. Operating between Darbhanga in Bihar and Anand Vihar in Delhi via Ayodhya, as well as Malda Town in West Bengal and Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminus in Bengaluru, these trains incorporate state-of-the-art technology to eliminate jerks during the journey.

Utilizing semi-coupler technology, a groundbreaking innovation in train operations, the Amrit Bharat trains ensure a smooth ride at a maximum speed of 130 km. This technology effectively connects two coaches in a way that eliminates the jerk effect during starts and stops.

In contrast to the conventional technology found in many existing trains, where coaches were connected using a coupler resulting in passenger discomfort during stops and starts, the Amrit Bharat trains feature a special type of coupler known as a semi-permanent coupler, specifically designed to negate the jerk effect. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw emphasized the safety and improved operation of the train with this innovative technology during an inspection at the New Delhi railway station.

Furthermore, the trains boast push-pull technology with engines at both the front and rear. While the front engine pulls the train, the rear engine pushes it, providing enhanced acceleration and deceleration. Vaishnaw highlighted that these changes were implemented to save time at bridges, curves, and other points where trains operate at restricted speeds.

Additional features of the Amrit Bharat Express trains, as per a railway circular, include horizontal sliding windows, dust-sealed wider gangways, an aerosol-based fire suppression system in toilets and electrical cubicles, an emergency disaster management light, floor guide fluorescent strips, bench-type design for LWS coaches, and segregation of reserved and unreserved coaches with sliding doors, among other enhancements.

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