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Reimagining Residential Spaces: The Innovative Design of Check Patterned House by IGArchitects

IGArchitects has ingeniously crafted the Check Patterned House in Saitama, Japan, epitomizing simplicity and adaptability in residential design. Occupying a modest 70-square-meter plot, this compact home, tailored for a family of three with budget constraints, stands out with its innovative use of translucent glazing and concrete elements.

Patterned House 1
IGArchitects has created a home in Japan with concrete and translucent glazing

The architectural concept revolves around two prominent concrete blocks strategically positioned to provide structural support and house essential service areas. This ingenious approach not only minimizes construction costs but also facilitates the creation of expansive, grid-like facades adorned with full-height translucent glazing, earning the project its moniker – Check Patterned House.

Masato Igarashi, the visionary founder of IGArchitects, envisioned a solution befitting the site’s prominence. By erecting these concrete blocks akin to columns, the design achieves a blend of functionality and aesthetics, with private spaces discreetly enclosed within.

Translucent glazing envelops the open living areas, infusing the interiors with natural light while safeguarding privacy. Come nightfall, the ethereal glow emitted by the glass imparts a lantern-like ambiance, adding to the home’s allure.

Patterned House 2
Concrete blocks in the corners of the home contain service spaces

Stepping inside, one is greeted by an inviting open-plan layout, seamlessly connecting the living, dining, and kitchen areas. A concrete stairway ascends to the upper level, housing additional bedrooms and a workspace, all interconnected by a harmonious blend of concrete, wood, and sliding partitions.

Embracing the ethos of simplicity and future adaptability, IGArchitects leaves the concrete elements exposed, complemented by wooden floors and sliding doors. This thoughtful design not only ensures efficient insulation but also invites the tactile experience of the exterior concrete within the confines of the home.

Patterned House 3
An open-plan living, kitchen and dining room feature on the ground floor

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Check Patterned House embodies a vision for versatility. Igarashi emphasizes the potential for future uses beyond the conventional framework of the house, underscoring the project’s enduring relevance and adaptability.

Patterned House 4
Concrete is left exposed internally alongside wooden details

In essence, IGArchitects’ creation stands as a testament to the transformative power of architectural ingenuity, weaving together elements of simplicity, functionality, and future adaptability in a compact yet captivating abode.


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