Sunday, July 14, 2024

Sultanganj-Agawani Ghat Bridge Over Ganga to Get a New Design

Construction work on the Sultanganj-Agawani Ghat bridge over the Ganga River in the state is set to recommence in February, with preparations currently underway. The focus is on removing debris from the collapsed section of the bridge, and the construction agency, SP Singla, is committed to reconstructing the damaged portion at its own expense without seeking additional funds from the government. To enhance the bridge’s strength, durability, and overall quality, a new design will replace the old one. Originally slated for completion in 2024, the revised timeline now aims for completion by 2026.

Construction had come to a halt when three spans of the bridge collapsed on June 4, 2023. Legal proceedings ensued, leading to a court order from the division bench of Patna High Court Chief Justice K Vinod Chandran and Justice Partha Sarathi on September 14, 2023. The court mandated that SP Singla undertake the repair of the collapsed section at its own expense. An affidavit submitted by SP Singla had confirmed their commitment to covering the construction costs of the damaged part.

The foundation stone for the bridge, laid by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on February 23, 2014, marked the beginning of construction on March 9, 2015. Despite nearly a decade passing since then, the bridge, spanning approximately 3.160 km and costing around Rs 1710 crore, is yet to be completed. The project includes an approximately 16 km approach road from the Khagaria side and a four km stretch from the Sultanganj side, resulting in a total length, including the approach, of about 23.1 km.

Upon completion, the bridge will play a crucial role in connecting North and South Bihar, providing direct access to Jharkhand through Mirza Chowki. This development is expected to alleviate traffic on the Vikramshila Bridge and significantly reduce the travel distance for Kanwariyas during the Shravani fair, from Khagaria to Bhagalpur, from approximately 90 km to just 30 km.

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