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Updates on Munger-Mirzachowki Four-Lane Road: Construction Challenges and Revised Timeline

Construction work on the 123 km long greenfield four-lane road between Munger and Mirzachowki is progressing in four phases, with a total expenditure of Rs 4050 crore. Despite initial rapid progress, various obstacles have led to a slowdown in construction, including issues related to land acquisition and irregular fly ash supply from Kahalgaon NTPC.

The completion of the Munger-Mirzachowki four-lane road is expected to strengthen connectivity among Anga region cities, boosting economic activities on both sides of the road. However, the original target completion date of April 2024 may be extended due to challenges faced during construction.

The benefits of the road include relieving traffic congestion in Bhagalpur and providing the first four-lane connection from Munger to Mirzachowki via Sultanganj and Bhagalpur. The four-lane road is anticipated to spur business and industrial activities, facilitating easier access to important locations and positively impacting the tourism sector.

Recently, Bhagalpur District Magistrate Subrata Sen inspected Package-II of the construction, noting that 12.5 km of the 29 km four-lane road in this section has been cast, with the remaining work in progress. Delays in the supply of fly ash from Kahalgaon NTPC have been identified as a major factor contributing to the slowdown.

To address this issue, a meeting is scheduled with senior NTPC officials on January 20 to discuss the regular supply of fly ash. The construction agency has requested an extension of the project deadline until February 2025, citing challenges like fly ash availability and the presence of electric poles. The NHAI Project Director, Pramod Kumar Mahato, emphasized that a comprehensive evaluation of completed work and the remaining timeline will guide decisions on any deadline extensions. Currently, approximately 30 percent of the four-lane construction remains incomplete, with work being impacted by cold weather. The completion deadline for the section from Chaudharydih to Kahalgaon under Goradih of Bhagalpur is set for August, and efforts are ongoing to address the remaining challenges in the construction process.

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