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Toll Rates at 5 Entry Points to increase to 12.5-18.75% From October 1 in Mumbai

The last revision was on October 1, 2020 and the next will be on October 1, 2026. Therefore, this is the second last toll hike for those crossing five entry points to city regularly.

Starting from October 1, toll rates at five entry points in Mumbai will go up by 12.50-18.75%. These entry points are at Dahisar, LBS Road–Mulund, Eastern Express Highway–Mulund, Airoli Creek Bridge, and Vashi. For small cars, the one-way toll will increase by Rs 5, going from Rs 40 to Rs 45. Mini buses will see a Rs 10 increase, going from Rs 65 to Rs 75.

This increased toll charge will be in effect until November 2026. Trucks and buses will have to pay Rs 150, while multi-axle vehicles will be charged Rs 190, according to a notification from the state government. These tolls have been in place since September 2002 and were extended in 2010. The toll rates are revised every three years, with the last revision on October 1, 2020, and the next one scheduled for October 1, 2026.

So, this is the second-to-last toll increase for regular commuters at these entry points. Earlier this year, we reported that the state government intended to stop collecting tolls at these five entry points as they were initially imposed to recover the costs of constructing flyovers, bridges, subways, and road over bridges that were built several decades ago.

In 2010, the company responsible for collecting tolls paid an upfront amount of Rs 200 crore to the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC). In return, this private company is now collecting tolls from users to cover not only that initial payment but also the various expenses it incurred, including lending costs, administrative fees, operational expenses, maintenance costs, and other expenditures.

While toll collection at Dahisar, LBS Road–Mulund, Eastern Express Highway–Mulund, and Airoli Creek Bridge will stop after 2026, it will continue at Vashi. The reason for this continued toll is to recover the expenses related to building the new Thane Creek Bridge. Additionally, when the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link opens, there will also be a toll for using it.


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