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Crafting Tranquility Amidst Urban Bustle: The Haven Residence in Cochin

Nestled near the bustling Vytila junction in Cochin, Haven Residence emerges as a serene oasis amidst the city’s vibrant chaos. The plot’s unique irregular shape, narrow at the front and widening towards the rear, posed a challenge in designing spaces that seamlessly blend openness with privacy, while ensuring ample natural ventilation and illumination.

HAVEN Residence 1
HAVEN Residence | Image Credit: Turtle Arts Photography

Innovative Spatial Design for Harmony

Overcoming the constraints of the plot, the design team meticulously articulated a fluid plan that integrates vast open spaces and courtyards, compensating for limited external openings. These courtyards serve as vital connectors between living areas, infusing the interiors with abundant natural light and greenery. Skylights strategically positioned above the main courtyard harness the sun’s trajectory, casting an ever-changing interplay of light within.

HAVEN Residence 2
HAVEN Residence | Image Credit: Turtle Arts Photography

Seamless Connectivity and Privacy

A continuous visual axis spanning from the entrance sit-out to the intimate rear veranda fosters connectivity and air circulation throughout the residence. This design feature minimizes openings on the north and south sides, ensuring privacy from neighboring residences. The utilization of open terraces, constructed with concrete flat slabs, enhances the home’s horizontal aesthetic and offers versatile living spaces.

HAVEN Residence 3
HAVEN Residence | Image Credit: Turtle Arts Photography

Rustic Elegance in Earthy Tones

The Haven Residence emanates a distinctive charm with its earthy color palette and thoughtful material selection. Utilizing rat-trap bond brick masonry aids in heat reduction and cost efficiency, while Kota stone, reclaimed wood, exposed concrete, and brick accents infuse the interiors with rustic refinement. Custom-designed mild steel grills strategically maintain visual privacy, adding to the residence’s allure.

Tropical Serenity and Sustainability

Lush landscaping featuring predominantly tropical, low-maintenance flora enriches the courtyards and external spaces, enveloping the residence in a verdant tropical ambiance. Embracing sustainable practices, the Haven Residence incorporates solar panels and a rainwater harvesting system, exemplifying a commitment to energy efficiency and resource conservation.

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