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La Canaria House – A Modern Marvel Wrapped in Recycled Aluminum Tubes

SelgasCano and Diego Cano have left an indelible mark on the Los Angeles landscape with their latest architectural masterpiece: La Canaria, a stunning house wrapped in recycled aluminum colorful tubes nestled in the hills of Mount Washington. This 340-square-meter abode offers a captivating 180° panoramic view of the Elysian Valley, capturing the essence of the LA sunset with its golden hues.

La Canaria 2
La Canaria House

The architects’ vision for La Canaria transcends traditional boundaries, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Recognizing the significance of outdoor spaces in LA’s mild climate, they’ve seamlessly integrated a sprawling terrace that mirrors the interior in size and importance. From this vantage point, residents are treated to breathtaking vistas of downtown LA, Echo Park hills, Silver Lake, Griffith Park, and Hollywood, as well as the iconic Los Angeles River and the bustling freeways and railway lines.

La Canaria 5
La Canaria House

Elysian Valley holds a special place in the heart of LA, serving as both a geographical and symbolic center. Its equidistant location between the ocean and mountains, coupled with its historical significance as the birthplace of Los Angeles, makes it a quintessential representation of the city’s essence. The architects have drawn inspiration from this rich heritage, crafting a dwelling that pays homage to its surroundings while embracing modernity.

La Canaria 6
La Canaria House

The steep southwest-facing lot posed a unique challenge, necessitating strategic design solutions to shield the house from the harsh sunlight while maximizing views. The result is a captivating outdoor device that envelops the entire structure, providing shelter from the sun while framing the panoramic views. Crafted from recycled aluminum tubes painted in vibrant hues, this innovative facade element serves as a dynamic ‘wrapper’ that evolves over time, as nature gradually embraces it with creepers, bushes, and palm trees.

La Canaria 4
La Canaria House

The architects’ attention to detail extends beyond the facade, with custom-made materials and handmade details adorning every corner of the interior. Despite the constraints of budget and construction costs, they’ve meticulously planned every aspect of the design, from the walls and floors to the kitchen and furniture. Prefabricated off-site and transported in containers, these elements were seamlessly integrated into the structure in a matter of weeks.

Floor Plan

In a city renowned for its artificial beauty, La Canaria stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and architecture. It epitomizes the notion of “one same thing,” where plants, palm trees, wood, aluminum tubes, shadows, and the dwelling itself meld into a cohesive whole. This fusion of density and lightness, tradition and innovation, familiarity, and novelty encapsulates the essence of the LA landscape, making La Canaria a true icon of contemporary design.


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