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India’s Largest Bapu Tower Dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi in Patna

The much-anticipated Bapu Tower, envisioned in Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s dream project, has reached completion in Gardnibagh, Patna. Standing at an impressive height of 120 feet, this six-floor tower is set to be inaugurated today. The construction department is adding the finishing touches to the structure, making it ready for public viewing.

The foundation stone for Bapu Tower was laid on October 2, 2018, and its original completion deadline was November 28, 2021. Due to delays, the deadline was extended to December 31, 2022, and subsequently to June 30, 2023. However, the construction has now been successfully concluded, and the inauguration is scheduled for February 4.

Bapu Tower is an exemplar of environmental management and sustainable development, incorporating green technology. Notably, it is the first building in the country with its entire exterior covered in copper, enhancing its visual appeal, especially when illuminated at night.

Bapu tower 1
Bapu Tower, Patna

This tower will feature an extensive exhibition showcasing historical events from Mahatma Gandhi’s life, his thoughts, his role in the freedom struggle, his connection to Bihar, and the efforts made by the Bihar government to instill Gandhian ideals among the public.

Spread across seven acres, with a total built-up area of 10,503 square meters, the tower comprises various galleries, research centers, guest lounges, and administrative offices. It offers a comprehensive display of Bapu’s biography, education, ideals, values, and his affection for Bihar, making it a valuable resource for children, students, researchers, and enthusiasts interested in Gandhian principles.

To facilitate visitor access, gate number one on Gardanibagh Main Road will serve as the entry point to the Bapu Tower complex, providing parking space for approximately 200 vehicles. A turntable theater show in the circular building will present Bapu’s biography to tourists, allowing them to learn about his life, struggles, and historical contributions.

Special Features of Bapu Tower:

  • Located in Gardnibagh, Patna
  • Six floors with a copper exterior
  • Tower height of 120 feet
  • Complex spread over seven acres
  • Total cost of the tower: 129 crores
  • 85 crores allocated for civil work, 45 crores for exhibition
  • Foundation stone laid on October 2, 2018, by CM Nitish Kumar
  • Depiction of incidents from Mahatma Gandhi’s life in the tower
  • Equipped with facilities such as a cafeteria and research center

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