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Infrastructure Development Boosts Connectivity in Arunachal Pradesh for Improved Inter-Valley Movement

“As the Trans Arunachal Highway approaches completion, the focus shifts to the trans-frontier highway, aiming to connect all valleys in Arunachal Pradesh. This infrastructure development aims to streamline inter-valley movement, benefiting both military and civilian transportation, particularly in eastern Arunachal Pradesh. The Army is also enhancing last-mile connectivity to forward posts and improving mobile connectivity near the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Significant upgrades, including road infrastructure, bridges, tunnels, habitats, storage facilities, aviation, and communication upgrades, have taken place in the Tawang sector and across the state. In Lohit, Anjaw, and Dibang districts, major roads totaling 411 km and 18 new bridges have been completed from 2020 to 2023, alongside habitat construction for 1,600 troops.

The Trans-Arunachal Highway is around 92% complete, with the project expected to conclude this year. Additionally, a 1,800-km-long frontier highway starting from Bomdila and extending to Vijaynagar, near the Myanmar border, is underway. Two projects worth ₹2248.94 crore have been sanctioned for portions of this road.

Infrastructure development encompasses five verticals: habitat, aviation, road infrastructure, operational logistics, and security infrastructure. The Central government and Border Roads Organisation (BRO) handle strategic and border roads, while the Army constructs last-mile tracks connecting these roads to forward posts on the LAC. The ongoing efforts include constructing 25 km of tracks and planning another 12.

Currently, there are 22 roads under execution, with 14 managed by the BRO and seven by the NHIDCL. The improvement of infrastructure across Arunachal Pradesh, especially in the forested Rest of Arunachal Pradesh (RALP) area, is a priority. Cross-connectivity between valleys is crucial for quick inter-valley movement during emergencies.

While Tawang and Kameng areas are under the Army’s 4 Corps, the RALP falls under the 3 Corps. China’s extensive road infrastructure development in eastern Arunachal has prompted India’s focused efforts. The restructuring of troops towards the LAC, particularly in the eastern sector, has been a response to increased Chinese activity since the May 2020 standoff in eastern Ladakh, resulting in a balanced force posture.”

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