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Revolutionary Corrosion-Resistant TMT Bar Developed by Kerala Engineer

Abdunazar A, an engineer from Kerala, has achieved a significant breakthrough in metallurgy by developing a groundbreaking TMT (Thermo-Mechanically Treated) bar known as Coated Plus. Serving as the head of the Research and Development (R&D) wing at Kairali Steel and Alloys Private Limited, Abdunazar’s creation exhibits unparalleled resistance to corrosion, even when submerged in saline water for an extended period. The 47-year-old mechanical engineer, with over two decades of experience in the steel industry, has applied for a patent for this innovative product.

Abdunazar’s interest in metallurgy dates back to his college days, and upon joining Kairali in 1999, he recognized corrosion as a significant challenge for TMT bars, especially in coastal areas and humid climates. The company provided essential funding, enabling him to conduct extensive research in metallurgical processes aimed at developing a corrosion-resistant alloy blend.

“After several rounds of trial and error, we finally developed Coated Plus, demonstrating high corrosion resistance in our lab tests, even when immersed in saline water for a year. We have submitted the complete details to the authorities for a patent,” Abdunazar stated. The unique metallurgical coating process employed ensures that the TMT bars attain 100 percent rust-proof capability.

Expressing satisfaction, Kairali TMT Managing Director Kalliyath Abdul Gafoor highlighted Abdunazar’s commitment to learning about metallurgical processes since his early days with the company. Gafoor stated, “We are proud that we could support his research, paving the way for the development of one of the most groundbreaking TMT bars that can resist corrosion completely.”

Kairali TMT director Humayoon Kalliyath emphasized that traditional TMT bars often face challenges in corrosive environments, particularly in regions with high saline content. “The newly developed Coated Plus TMT bar promises to address this issue, opening up new possibilities for construction projects in coastal areas and marine structures where corrosion poses a significant threat,” Humayoon added.


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