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Shuttering Collapse Incident Delays Construction of Twin Railway Under Bridge in Mangaluru

On December 18, a section of an under-construction concrete box for a twin railway under bridge (RuB) beneath the Mangaluru-Shoranur line suffered a collapse at Mahakalipadpu. This incident occurred during the pouring of concrete on the top portion of the box when the supporting shuttering gave way, resulting in injuries to two workers.

The Palakkad division of Southern Railway had successfully constructed three out of four concrete boxes at the site near Netravathi Cabin, Mahakalipadpu, while the fourth box was still under construction. The twin RuBs, designed for the Mangaluru Junction-Shoranur line and Mangaluru Central-Shoranur line, are integral parts of the Morgan’s Gate-Jeppinamogaru Junction (NH 66) road project, undertaken by the Mangaluru Smart City Limited at an estimated cost of ₹50 crore. These RuBs aim to replace the existing level crossing gate at Mahakalipadpu, providing a smoother travel experience between the Central Business District and the southern regions of Mangaluru, including Ullal, Mudipu, Talapady, and areas towards Kerala.

According to Arun Kumar Chaturvedi, the Railway Manager of Palakkad division, the collapse did not involve the reinforced concrete structure itself but rather the supporting shutters. The incident occurred during the pouring of ready mix concrete (RMC), and Chaturvedi suggested that improper shuttering or uneven distribution of the RMC may have caused the collapse. Engineers from the division are set to inspect the site and provide a detailed report.

Chaturvedi dismissed concerns about the concrete quality, emphasizing that the RMC was sourced from a designated plant. He noted that if the collapse had involved the strengthened concrete after the removal of supporting shutters, questions regarding the concrete quality might have arisen. When asked about the potential impact on the project’s timeline, Chaturvedi acknowledged the possibility of some delays in the completion of the RuB and the four-lane road.

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